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Biocomposite Correct

The overall titer of the preparation is at least 1∙109 CFU/ml.

Bring life to your field

Microbiological preparation for any farming systems and all crop rotation links

General information

• Accelerates straw decomposition and mineralization of stubble remains;

• Suppresses disease excitants remaining on plant residues in soil;

• Assimilates atmospheric nitrogen enriching the soil with 150 kg/ha per season;

• Mobilizes the soil-bound phosphorus transforming it into a highly digestible form;

• Efficiently protects farming crops against root system and foliage diseases;

• Stimulates the growth and development of plants.

The preparation constitutes a suspension in the culture liquid of a consortium of highly-effective strains of various bacteria species. The preparation contains the culture of living bacteria and the products of their metabolism.

Biocomposite Correct contains new highly-effective strains of bacteria used for the first time, which provides it with a unique complex of useful properties. The microorganisms contained in the preparation have phytoprotective, growth-stimulating, destructive, antagonistic, nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-mobilizing properties. This allows for a wide practical application of the preparation: from stubble decomposition, suppression of soil phytopathogens, and disease protection to the enhancement of soil fertility and recovery of its beneficial microflora.

Biocomposite Correct use ensures a stable and substantial increase in the quality yield of farming crops.

Biocomposite Correct can be used in any farming systems at any stage of crop growing. Thus, the preparation can be recommended for addressing most practical tasks that previously required using several special-purpose microbiological preparations.


Biocomposite Correct has polyfunctional biological properties:

• Contributes to accelerated decomposition of straw and stubble remains;

• Suppresses pathogenic fungal and bacterial microflora;

• Assimilates atmospheric nitrogen into a form available for plants due to the associated nitrogen fixing and stimulation of the aboriginal microflora - up to 150 kg/ha per season in terms of ammonium nitrate;

• Mobilizes the soil-bound phosphorus and that added with the basic fertilizers transforming it into a highly digestible form.

Using Biocomposite Correct stimulates and develops farming crops and increases their resistance to adverse exposure ("anti-stress").

The preparation enhances the effect of other agrotechnological measures and agrotechnical methods, for example, those intended to improve the nutrition conditions and the level of crops protection from disease.

Preparative form

The preparation constitutes a liquid of light-brown to dark-brown color with a faint specific odor. During storage, a fluffy precipitate may be formed.

The overall titer of the preparation is at least 1∙109 CFU/ml.

Storage conditions

The preparation is to be stored unopened in its original package in dry, clean and ventilated premises at +4°C to +10°C. Avoid direct sunlight.

Guaranteed shelf life is 3 months from the date of production

Shelf life is 3 months from the date of production

Safety: hazard class 4, low-hazard substance. The preparation producer strains are non-pathogenic, harmless for humans and animals, and are not toxic, allergenic or toxigenic.


Attention: All the information above is provided for reference only. Before using the preparation, please read the package label and the recommendations of Schyolkovo Agrochim specialists.


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.



Mode of action

The mechanism of action is determined by the properties of the preparation strains and metabolites.

Each type of bacteria has its specific properties.

Thus, one of them produces ferments destructing cellulose, straw lignin and crop stubble remains. Others produce powerful antibiotics suppressing the growth and development of phytopathogenic microorganisms thus reducing the infection background of soils. Simultaneously, the growth of non-specific microorganisms is stimulated by production of hormone substances, vitamins, and amino acids resulting in a higher rate of reproduction and the number of destructive microorganisms.

The preparation contains strains assimilating atmospheric nitrogen at the expense of the associated nitrogen fixation and mobilizes the phosphorus-bound one in the soil and the one added with the basic fertilizers. The soil is enriched with fresh organic substance, so the content of exchange potassium, labile phosphorus and available nitrogen grows, and the water-absorbing and water-retaining soil structure improves substantially.

Also, individual strains actively synthesize phytohormones, for example, indoleacetic acid (IAA), other growth-stimulating substances, and substances inducing the plants sustainability.

Methods of application

• Treatment of soil, plant residues, and stubble remains left after harvesting in summer or autumn;

• Treatment of soil in spring before and during crop sowing;

• Presowing treatment of seeds and planting material;

• Spraying of crops in the period of vegetation.

Usage regulations



Consumption rate

Method, treatment time, and application features

Grain crops, grain legumes, and potato

1,0-2,0 l/t
Consumption rate of the working liquid
5-30 l/t

Presowing treatment of seeds (planting material)
Grain crops, grain legumes, corn, sunflower, sugar beet, potato, vegetables, fruit and berry crops, vine

1,0-3,0 l/ga
Consumption rate of the working liquid
200-800 l/ha

Foliage application 1 to 3 times during the vegetation period
All crops

1,0-3,0 л/га
Consumption rate of the working liquid
200-300 l/ha

Addition in soil in spring before crop sowing (planting) or in summer-autumn period after harvesting

Special recommendations
On addition to soil, the preparation should be immediately embedded with disk harrows or skim plows. The interval between the application and embedding must be minimal. The preparation is to be embedded into soil together with plant residues at the depth of 5-10 cm to ensure proper conditions for aeration.

Compatibility with other preparations
For seed treatment the preparation is compatible in tank mixtures with fungicide protectants Tebu 60, ME; Scarlet, ME; Polaris, ME; Benefis, ME, insecticide protectant Imidor Pro, SC, biostimulant fertilizer for seed treatment Biostim Start.
When combining Biocomposite Correct with chemical protectants, the tank mixtures must be used within 4-6 hours from their preparation. To ensure the highest effect, the seeds should be sown on the day of their treatment.
When spraying plants, the preparation may be combined with chemical fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and agrochemicals for foliar dressing. The preparation is compatible with such fungicides as Titul 390, CSC; Titul Duo, CSC; Triada, CSC; Medeya, ME; Benazol, WP; ZIM 500, SC, as well as micro fertilizers and biostimulants Biostim.
When spraying the soil in spring before or during sowing, Biocomposite Correct may be added together with soil herbicides.

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