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Mikoryze – new!

Composition based on a consortium of microorganisms

Microbiological fertilizer to improve survival and promote the growth of nursery plants, seedlings, cuttings

General information


  • Formation of favorable soil microflora

  • Stimulation of meristem activity (growth of new tissues)

  • Improving nutrient absorption

  • More powerful and balanced plant development

  • Increasing resistance to abiotic stresses (heat, frost)

  • Rise in yield, quality, and taste of fruits

  • Better storage and shipping quality of fruits

Product composition

The content of spores of the Trichodermaatrovirid MUCL45632 fungi - 1х107 CFU/g

The content of spores of the Glomusintraradices BEG 72 fungi - 200 spores per tablet

N total - 13.0%

Р2О5 - 8.0%

К2О - 4.5%

SO2 - 1.0%

Mn - 160 mg/kg

Zn - 68 mg/kg

Fe - 4,800 mg/kg

Cu - 10 mg/kg

Co - 4 mg/kg

microbiological fertilizer


Hazard class
3B (allergen), moderately hazardous product

Guaranteed shelf life
12 months

Storage temperature range
+5 °C to +25 °С, optimal storage temperature +15 °С

0.45 kg (100 tablets), 2.25 kg (500 tablets), 6.75 kg (1,500 tablets).
For household farm, 1 tablet to 100 tablets

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia 

Usage regulations


Consumption rate

Method, treatment time, and application features

Fruit and berry crops (trees)
2 tablets per plant
Planter application
Small-fruit crops (shrubs), grapes

1-2 tablets per plant

Vegetable, flower decorative cultures

1-2 tablets per plant


Method of application
When planting seedlings of vegetable and flower decorative crops, young plants of fruit, and berry crops and grapes, place the tablet in the ground close to the plant roots.
It is recommended to apply when planting various crops and ornamental plants in open and protected ground on all types of soil.
The procedure of use of the Mikoryze agrochemical in agricultural production and in household farms involves the use of standard technical means intended for the implementation of agrochemical works or manual inventory when applying the fertilizer.

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