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Rizoform + Static

Rizoform + Static

Liquid inoculants for soybean seed treatment

General information

Liquid inoculant based on special nitrogen fixing bacteria (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) strain for soybean seed treatment.
Rizoform is formulated on the basis of legume bacteria capable of symbiosis with legumes. This results in tubercles forming on roots that are capable of fixing molecular nitrogen from air and converting it in an available form for the plant. Due to such a unique process, plants absorb nitrogen from air as required for their continuous growth and development throughout the vegetation period. The process helps reduce the amount of mineral nitrogen introduced into soil without losses of yield. Depending on amount of available nitrogen, mineral nitrogen dose may be reduced by 30 to 70%.

Advantages of microbiological fertilizer Rizoform

  • Unlike similar products, inoculant Rizoform used together with stabilizing/sticky agent Static allows soybean seed inoculation to be performed in advance, 5 to 15 days before sowing.
  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixation provides up to 70% of nitrogen demanded by soybeans.
  • Nitrogen is introduced into the plant as necessary, and maximum consumption is ensured during critical phases of crop development.
  • Biological nitrogen initiates increase of fertility and activation of soil microflora. 
  • Soybean yield increases by 10-30% with additional 200-500 kg of proteins per 1 ha.
  • Favorable effect from soybean seed treatment with Rizoform may be seen in the 3-5 crop rotation cycle with cereal yield growth by 10-15%.

Usage regulations


Preparation dose

Time and conditions of application


2.0-3.0 l/t
Mix consumption – 10 l/t of seed

Seed inoculation before sowing.

2.0-3.0 l/t
 + stabilizing/sticky agent – 0.57-0.85 l/t
Mix consumption – 10 l/t

Early seed inoculation 5-15 days before sowing using stabilizing/sticky agent Static.

0.3-0.6 l/ha
Mix consumption – 45-55 l/ha

Introduction into soil during sowing (together with seeds).

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