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Ultramag Combi for oilseeds – new!

Complex microfertilizer

General information

Liquid complex microfertilizer concentrate intended for all oilseed crops. It is developed considering oilseed plant demands for nutrients. It improves yield and plant immunity to disease, and enhances seed quality. The preparation maintains winter rape during winter. It contains a balanced set of microelements to fully meet oilseed crop demands for nutrients. Microelements are contained in a chelate form easily digestible by the plant, which guarantees their complete, effective and efficient digestion by plant surfaces.

Usage regulations



Time and conditions of application

Oilseed crops

1-3 l/ha
Mix consumption – 200-300 l/ha

Foliar dressing at start of spring vegetation (or complete emergence stage for spring crops), at budding stage and during ripening period.

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