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Intermag Profi Legumes

Complex microfertilizer

General information

Intermag Profi Legumes – liquid microfertilizer concentrate for foliar dressing of legumes: grain legumes (pea, soybeans) and legume grasses (clover, alfalfa) grown for grain or silo. It efficiently raise protein content in the plant, improves crop yield and flavor properties. The dressing plan should include Intermag Element Molybdenum for symbiotic nitrogen fixation and development of legume bacteria.

Usage regulations



Time and conditions of application

Grain legumes, perennial legume grasses

1-2 l/ha
Mix consumption – 200-300 l/ha

Foliar dressing at 2-3 leaves stage, tillering – tubing stage; foliar dressing at 6-7 leaves stage, budding stage.

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