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Biostim Beet – Sugar Beet Fertilizer

Special purpose fertilizer for foliar dressing of sugar beet

General information

The preparation is intended to maintain nutrient balance during the vegetation period, protect against abiotic stresses, restore crop productivity after stresses, enhance immunity to diseases, and improve quantitative and qualitative parameters of the crop.

It is intended for foliar dressing of sugar and table beet during vegetation. It should be used together with plant protective preparations provided their application timings coincide, and other foliar agrochemicals (fertilizers).

Usage regulations

Biostim Beet

Sugar beet, table beet

0.5-2.0 l/ha
Mix consumption 200-400 l/ha

Foliar dressing up to 4 times per season every 7-14 days, staring from seed leaves to 2 real leaves.

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