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Biostim Growth

Биостим Рост - активатор фотосинтеза, стимулятор вегетативного роста.

General information

Biostim Growth is a preparation specially developed for foliar dressing of cereal, industrial and fodder crops at their earlier stages of development. The preparation may be use as a growth stimulant at start of spring vegetation on most crops, especially in unfavorable weather conditions (long spring, after recurring frost, etc.), and weak and damaged plantings after winter.

Recommended doses – 0.5-3.0 l/ha. Frequency – 1-3 times depending on crop purpose.

Phosphor, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, and zinc contained in the preparation intensify chlorophyll formation, and regulate plant metabolism in a controlled way toward intensive vegetative growth.

Usage regulations




Preparation dose

Method, time and conditions of application

Biostim Growth

All crops

0.5-3.0 l/ha
Mix consumption: for field, flower and decorative crops, shrubs – 200-600 l/ha, for fruit trees, and vineyards – 600-800 l/ha

Foliar dressing at initial vegetation stage or vegetation resumption in spring, 1-2 times every 7-10 days

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