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Biostim Universal

Biostimulant – anti-stress agent.

General information

Key purpose: stimulation of vegetative growth, protection against abiotic and chemical stresses, and improvement of immunity to diseases.
Special application: for regeneration (restoration) of plant leaf apparatus and activation of growth processes in case of mechanical (hail, damping-off, etc.) and thermal (freezing) damages.

Biostim Universal is a natural dressing stimulating and intensifying natural metabolic processes in plants. Manufactured for vegetable raw materials, Biostim Universal ensures fast and balanced plant nutrition. High contents of free amino acids forming raw material for plant protein and enzyme biosynthesis improve shoot growth, blossoming, fruit setting and ripening processes.

Usage regulations



Preparation dose

Method, time and conditions of application

Biostim Universal

All crops

0.5-5.0 l/ha
Mix consumption: for field, flower and decorative crops, shrubs – 200-600 l/ha, for fruit trees, and vineyards – 600-800 l/ha

Foliar dressing – 1-5 times throughout season every 7-14 days.

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