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Sprut extra, SL

Glyphosate acid 540 g/l

Used for desiccation of a number of crops (cereals, pea, rape, sunflower, etc.) to reduce losses during cropping and weed eradication.

General information


  • easier and faster cropping;
  • reduced losses during combining;
  • improved product quality due to reduced moisture and impurity contents in seeds;
  • clearance of fields from perennial weeds for further crops.

Preparative form

Aqueous solution containing glyphosate acid as potassium salt 540 g/l.

Storage conditions

Keep the preparation in a room dedicated for pesticide storage. Storage temperature range - minus 15⁰C to plus 30⁰C.

Shelf life

3 years.


5, 10 liter PE container


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Mechanism of action

The preparation penetrates plants through leaves and other green parts and spreads along all organs, including root system, while blocking synthesis of aromatic amino acids.

Speed of action

Visible signs of effect on crops and annual weeds appear in 4 or 5 days, on perennial weeds in 7 to 10 days, as yellowing, and then browning and drying of leaves.

Usage regulations



Consumption rate

Method, time and conditions of application. Application time for manual (machinery assisted) operations

Wait time (application frequency)

Preparation, l/ha

Mix, l/ha

Cereal crops


1.3-18 (A)

100-200 – ground application
50-100 –aerial application

Planting spraying 2 weeks before cropping (with seed moisture content max. 30%) for grain drying and partial weed inhibition -(3)



1.3-1.8 (A)

Planting spraying at start of anthode browning (with seed moisture content max. 30%), at least 10 days before cropping -(3)


1.3-1.8 (A)

Planting spraying at start of lower and medium level bean browning (with bean moisture content max. 30%).


1.3-1.8 (A)

Planting spraying at start of ripening when 70-75% of pods grow brown and seeds have moisture content of 25-35%, but not later than 10 days before cropping -(3)


1.3-1.8 (A)

Spraying 2 weeks before cropping with high moisture content in seeds -(3)

Application technique. Mix preparation method
Prepare the mix immediately before use and apply during the same day.
For ground treatment: Fill the sprayer tank with water to 1/3, turn the agitator on, add the full preparation dose, and then top up with remaining water. Stir the contents thoroughly.
Commercially available ground-based boom sprayers intended for herbicide application shall be used for treatment purposes.
For aerial treatment:To prepare the mix, fill the tank with water to 1/3, and add the calculated preparation dose and remaining water with the agitator in operation.
Prepare the mix and fill the sprayer on dedicated sites, fill the refilling unit on fixed refilling stations that all are disinfected afterwards.
Hazard class
Hazard class 3, moderate hazard.
No resistant plant species exist.
No crops resistant to glyphosate, except transgenic ones.
Potential for resistance
No facts of resistance to preparation were revealed.

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