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Harita, SC

Thiamethoxam 600 g/L

Systemic insecticidal for the presowing treatments seeds of cereal seeds against a complex of soil and surface seedling pests

General information


• Reliable protection of seedlings against a complex of soil and surface pests.
• High systemic activity of the product and rapid action.
• Long-term protective effect.
• Stable protective effect regardless of external conditions.

Formulation as
Suspension concentrate contains thiamethoxam 600 g/L

Storage conditions
To be kept in the premises intended for storing pesticides. The temperature interval for storage is from -10°C to +35°C.

Guaranteed shelf life
2 years

PE canister of 10 l

Hazard class
Hazard Class 3

Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.

Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.


Mechanism of action

The product has a high systemic, contact enteric, and translaminar activity. The active ingredient is rapidly absorbed by the plant and moves along the xylem to the untreated parts of plants affecting the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of the nervous system of insects.

Period of protective effect

It provides reliable protection at the initial stages of crop growth and development and a long-term protective period.

Rate of exposure

The death of the pests occurs within a few hours.

Usage regulations


Consumption rates of product, l/ha Consumption rates of working liquid, l/t
Method, time, features of application. Timeframes for the start of manual (mechanized) work, days
Safety interval, days (number of applications)

Winter wheat, winter barley

Ground beetle
0.3-0.6 10
Treatment of seeds
 Spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley Barley flea beetle, corn flies 
 0.3-0.6  10

 Treatment of seeds

 Sugar beet  Beet flea beetle, sugar-beet weevils, wireworms  10-56  20-60

  Treatment (coating) of seeds is carried out immediately before sowing or in advance (up to a year) in settings of seed producers



Method of application. Procedure for the working liquid preparation

Prepare the working liquid immediately before treating the seeds.
Fill the tank with water and add the required amount of the product with continuous stirring.
Seed treatment is recommended to be performed using special machines intended for processing cereals, legumes, and technical crops. Perform preparation of working liquid and seed treatment at centralized protection stations.

Compatibility with other pesticides

Compatible with fungicide seed protectors (Benefis, Polaris, Scarlet) and Biostim Start amino acid biostimulant.
Before large-scale application, it is necessary to test the chemical and biological compatibility with a particular product at recommended doses.


The product is not phytotoxic at the recommended consumption rates.

Probability of resistance

Resistance has not been observed if used in the recommended consumption rates and method of application.


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