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Tebu® 60, ME

Tebuconazole 60 g/l

TEBUconazole at its best!

Fungicidal seed treatment intended for pre-planting treatment of seeds of spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley, winter rye, and common flax against a wide range of diseases.

General information


  • highly effective at reduced concentration of the active ingredient due to innovative preparative form ME;
  • microemulsion penetrates inside a seed via microcapillaries, and protects the entire macro- and microstructure against a wide range of seed and soil infections;
  • fungicide of curative and preventive action;
  • high selectivity with regard to crops treated and no adverse effect on seed germination;
  • bio-efficient from seed sprouting until crop tillering;
  • easy to use: does not form dust, easily diluted in water to form a stable colloid solution.

Preparative form

Microemulsion containing tebuconazole 60 g/l.

Transport and storage conditions

Comply with all conventional rules of toxic substance transport. Keep the preparation in a room dedicated for pesticide storage. Storage temperature range - minus 10⁰C to plus 30⁰C.

Shelf life

2 years.

Hazard class

Hazard class 2, high danger.


5 liter PE container


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Mechanism of action

The preparation has a systemic effect. Unlike conventional suspension concentrates (SC, FLO, WSC) enveloping the seed by sticking to its surface, microemulsion penetrates into the internal structure via microcapillaries. The mechanism of action consists in inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis in cell membranes of phytopathogens and impairment of metabolism, thus causing death of pathogens. Tebuconazole" effect on the entire macro- and microstructure ensures protection against both external and internal infections.

Protective period

Bo-effect lasts from seed sprouting until crop tillering.

Spectrum of action

Anthracnose, Helminthosporium root rot, Fusarium root rot, stone smut, dust-brand, false dust-brand, covered smut, stinking smut, blotch, Helminthosporium blotch, seed molding, Septoria blight, netted spotting, Fusarium snow mold, etc.


Efficient when used alone.

Potential for resistance

The risk of resistance is limited as the preparation is used for pre-planting seed treatment only.

Usage regulations

Crop/object of treatment

Harmful object

Preparation consumption rate, l/t

Mix consumption rate, l/t

Method, time and conditions of application. Application time for manual (machinery assisted) operations

Wait time (application frequency)

Spring and winter wheat

Stinking smut



Seed treatment before sowing –(-)


Dust-brand, Fusarium root rot, Helminthosporium root rot, Septoria blight, seed molding


Fusarium snow mold


Spring and winter barley

Stone smut



Dust-brand, false dust-brand, netted spotting


Helminthosporium root rot, Fusarium root rot, seed molding


Winter rye

Helminthosporium root rot, Fusarium root rot



Helminthosporium root rot, Fusarium root rot


Common flax

Anthracnose, blotch



Application technique. Mix preparation method
Prepare the mix immediately before seed treatment.
Treat seed using treatment units PS-10, Mobitox, or similar equipment designed for liquid preparations.
The preparation is highly selective with regard to crops treated and has no adverse effect on seed germination.

Recommendations on protection of valuable flora and fauna objects
Due to specific application conditions, the preparation is not of hazard to bees.
Do not use treated seeds as cattle fodder.

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