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Tuareg, SME

280 g/l of imidacloprid + 34 g/l of imazalil + 20 g/l of tebuconazole

Tuareg — a Plant Amulet

Insect-fungicide treatment for grain crop seeds treatment. Efficient control over the distribution of seed and soil infection and protection of sprouts against pests.

General information


• A combination of three active ingredients ensuring a high level of protection against diseases and pests;

• Seed protection from inside and from outside: The fungicide in the form of microemulsion ensures maximum penetration of its active ingredients inside the seed, and gives it a powerful and prolonged protection throughout the vegetation period. The insecticide in the form of suspension concentrate remains on the seed protecting it thoroughly at the beginning of the vegetation period.

Preparative form
Suspension microemulsion contains 280 g/l of imidacloprid + 34 g/l of imazalil + 20 g/l of tebuconazole

Storage conditions
To be kept in the premises intended for storing pesticides. The temperature interval for storage is from -10°C to +30°C.

Guaranteed shelf life
Guaranteed shelf life: 2 years.

PE canister of 5 l

Hazard class
Hazard Class 2, highly hazardous substance.

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia.

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia.


Mode of action

The formulation contains three active ingredients which is imidacloprid, imazalil, and tebukonazol. Imazalil has a local systemic effect protecting the root system. Its effect is based on inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterine that affects the permeability of pathogen cell membranes.

Tebukonazol has a systemic translocation effect protecting the sprout. The effect is based on the inhibition of sterol biosynthesis by pathogenic organisms leading to a change in its membrane (permeability), reduced reproduction, and, finally, death of the pathogenic cell. After the effect of the imidacloprid, pests die within several hours after their contact with the seeds or plant nutrition. The preparation has an active effect on the nervous system of pests blocking the nicotine energetic receptors of the postsynaptic nerve.

Protective period
Optimum combination of active ingredients ensures prolonged protection of plants against diseases for up to 8 weeks and against pests for up to 4 weeks (depending on the crop and the harmful object).

Spectrum of action
Brown rust, Helminthosporium root blight, black smut, powdery mildew, seed mold, dust-brand, snow mold, covered smut, fusarium root rot.
Corn flies, greenflies, ground beetles, flea beetles, frog-flies.

Usage regulations



 Harmful object Consumption rate preparation, l/t Method, treatment time, and application features
Safety intervals (treatment frequency)

Spring and winter wheat

Covered smut
1,0-1,4 Preliminary seed treatment (up to 1 year) or immediately before sowing. Consumption rate working liquid up to 10 l/t.  -(1)
 Dust-brand, fusarium root rot, Helminthosporium root blight, seed mold, including Alternaria seed infection. Powdery mildew, brown rust (at early development stages)  1,2 -1,4
 Winter wheat  Snow mold
  Spring and winter barley, including brewer"s barley
 Covered (stone) smut  1,0-1,4
 Dust-brand, black smut, Helminthosporium root blight, fusarium root rot, seed mold, including Alternaria seed infection  1,2-1,4
 Wheat, barley, including brewer"s barley  Ground beetles, flea beetles, corn flies, greenflies, frog-flies

Application technology. Procedure for working liquid preparation
The working solution must be prepared immediately before seed treatment. Fill the tank with water and pour the preparation in the required volume stirring it continuously. Seeds should be treated using pickling machines for liquid preparations. The working solution preparation and seed treatment should be carried out at centralized treatment sites.

In recommended dosages, the preparation is not phytotoxic.

Resistance likelihood
Due to the unique combination of active ingredients and various mechanisms of action, no resistance has appeared.


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