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Capella, ME

120 g/l of propiconazole + 60 g/l of flutriafol + 30 g/l of difenoconazole

Three-component fungicide intended to protect grain crops (wheat, barley, spring and winter crops).

General information


• long-term protective effect.

• Increased photosynthesis in flag leaves;

• Suppressed sporification and mycelium growth;

• High effect against powdery mildew, rust, spotting.

Preparative form
Microemulsion contains propiconazole of 120 g/l + flutriafol of 60 g/l + difenoconazole of 30 g/l



Harmful object Consumption rates of preparation, l/ha Consumption rates of working liquid, l/ha
Method, treatment time, and application features. Period of manual (mechanized) work  
Safety intervals (treatment frequency)

Spring wheat, Winter wheat

Powdery mildew, rust, Septoria blight, Helminthosporium blight, tan spot 0,8-1,0 200-300
Treatment during vegetation at ‘in the tube exit phase – start of ear formation’ stages, against Fusarium blight of the head – end of ear formation to start of blossoming
Cercosporella root rots
 Winter wheat   Fusarial head blight, dark mildew  1,0
  Spring barley, winter barley
  Powdery mildew, rust  0,8-1,0  200-300

 During the vegetation period 


  Winter barley Dark brown spot, netted spotting, rhynchosporium

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