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Indigo, SC – new!

Tribasic copper sulfate 345 g/L

Contact fungicide of preventive action for the professional protection of gardens and vineyards against a range of diseases.

General information


  • An essential element in modern systems of protection of gardens and vineyards
  • An effective method to prevent a range of diseases
  • A broad application window starting from early spring treatments
  • Preservation of fungicidal efficacy at low air temperatures and heat
  • High resistance to flushing from the surface of the plant

Chemical class:
products of bonded copper

Preparative form:
suspension concentrate

Hazard class:
hazard class 3, moderately hazardous substance

Guaranteed storage life:
2 years

Storage temperature range:
-10°C tо +30°С

5 L, 10 L



Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia


Mechanism of action
Indigo, KS, is a contact fungicide and has protective properties. The active components of the fungicide, copper ions, penetrate phytopathogen cells where, interacting with various enzymes, they suppress their activity, impair respiration processes, and cause nonspecific denaturation of proteins. This leads to the cessation of the growth of spores and conidia of phytopathogenic fungi and blocking their penetration into the plant. The product is characterized by good adhesion and evenly covers the treated surface. After treatment, a rain-resistant protective layer is formed on the plant, which effectively suppresses the germination of fungal spores, preventing the further development and spread of pathogens and providing reliable protection even under adverse weather conditions.

Period of protective effect
7-14 days depending on weather conditions and infection load. After this period, retreatment is required.

Rate of exposure
It starts to act immediately after treatment.


Usage regulations




Harmful plants

Consumption rate


Method, time, features of application.


Safety interval, days (number of applications)

Product, l/ha

Working solution, l/ha

Apple tree, pear tree

Scab, frosty pod rot



Spraying during the growing season, the first one at the stage of the "green cone," the next ones, at an interval of 7-10 days


 Grapes Blossom blight, black spot  4.0-6.0
 800-1000 Spraying during the growing season, the first one at the stage of the "green cone," the next ones, at an interval of 7-10 days  20(4)
Mildew  800-1000
Spraying during the growing season, the first one is preventive, the next ones, at an interval of 7-10 days  20(4)
Peach, cherry, plum, sweet cherry   Frosty pod rot, shot-hole disease, leaf curl 4.0-5.0
 800-1000 Spraying during the growing season, the first one when first signs of disease appear (before flowering), the next ones, at an interval of 7-10 days   7(4)


Recommendations for use

  • The maximum fungicidal effect is found in the prophylactic use of the product until the disease symptom manifestation (germination of the pathogen spores or conidia).
  • Strictly observe the intervals (7-10 days) between successive treatments to exclude infection of the new growth.
  • When spraying, ensure a complete and uniform coating of the treated surface with the working solution.
  • Perform treatments under favorable weather conditions: optimum humidity and air temperature in windless clear weather in the morning or evening.
  • Avoid atmospheric fallout within 4-5 hours after treatment, do not spray immediately after rain.

If used according to the recommendations, the product is not phytotoxic. In high humidity seasons, it can cause damage (formation of a "mesh" on fruits and burns of leaves) to some copper-sensitive apple varieties.

Probability of resistance
No cases of resistance have been reported.

Compatibility with other pesticides
Compatible with other pesticides, except the products that have a strongly acidic or strongly alkaline reaction. In each case, it is necessary to check the components to be mixed for compatibility.

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