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Kagatnik, WSC

Kagatnik, WSC

Benzoic acid 300 g/l

Storage without losses!

Fungicide intended for treatment of sugar beet root crops and potato tubers to control storage decay.

General information


  • protective period - 90-120 days:
  • reduction of rot mass in root crops;
  • reduction of losses in root crop mass during storage;
  • reduction of sugar losses;
  • increase of sugar yield.

Preparative form

Water soluble concentrate containing benzoic acid (as triethanolamine salt) 300 g/l.

Transport and storage conditions

Comply with all conventional rules of toxic substance transport.
Keep the preparation in a room dedicated for pesticide storage. Storage temperature range - minus 10⁰C to plus 35⁰C. Stir before use.

Shelf life

3 years.

Hazard class

Hazard class 3, moderate hazard.


5, 10 liter PE container


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Mechanism of action

The preparation has a strong inhibitory action on yeast, bacteria and mold fungi, suppresses activity of enzymes in cells that drive oxidation-reduction reactions, and sugar-splitting enzymes.

Protective period

Relatively long protective period - 2 to 4 months.

Speed of action

High, effective immediately after treatment.

Spectrum of action

Storage decay.


Efficient when used alone.



Usage regulations

Crop / object of treatment

Harmful object

Preparation consumption rate, l/ha / l/t

Mix consumption rate, l/ha / l/t

Method, time and conditions of application. Application time for manual (machinery assisted) operations

Wait time (application frequency)

Sugar beet

Storage decay

0.06 l/t

Treatment of root crops before piling for storage -(-)


Storage decay

2.0 l/ha


Treatment of plants 2-4 weeks before cropping -(3)


Fusarium blight, soft rot, Phoma rot, Alternaria blight

0.25.-0.4 l/t

up to 10

Treatment of potato tubers before storage -(-)

Rhizoctonia blight, Fusarium blight

0.5.-0.8 l/t

Treatment of potato tubers before planting -(-)

Application technique
Prepare the mix immediately before use and apply during the same day. Fill the tank of the unit supplying the mix to piles with water to 1/3, slowly add the required preparation dose and water until full, and stir the mix. Prepare the mix on dedicated sites that are disinfected afterwards.
Recommendations on protection of valuable flora and fauna objects
Due to its specific application, the preparation do not pose danger to bees and of low hazard to fish – Hazard Class 3.
Do not apply the preparation within the sanitary zone of fishery water bodies 500 m away from the flood line in case of maximum floodwater level, but not closer than 2 km to the existing banks.

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