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Kantor, SCS

Cyprodinil 200 g/L

System fungicide for the protection of gardens (apple trees, pear trees) and vineyards against a complex of diseases

General information


• Increased fungicidal activity against a complex of diseases due to an innovative formulation (nanolevel of active ingredient).
• Deep penetration, rapid initial effect, and high eradicating ability.
• Effective protection for any infectious load.
• Reliable protection of grapes against rot in the period of harvest formation.
• Short waiting time when used for grapes.
• High fungicidal activity even at a low air temperature (from +3 °C).
• Resistance to washout by rain as early as 2 hours after treatment.
• Easy-to-use liquid formulation in contrast to similar products.

Formulation as

Colloidal solution concentrate contains Cyprodinil 200 g/L


Storage conditions

Keep the preparation in a room dedicated for pesticide storage. Temperature range is minus 15⁰C to plus 30⁰C. Stir before use.

Shelf life

2 years.


5, 1 liter PE container


Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.


Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.


Mechanism of action

Cyprodinil quickly penetrates the plant tissues, has a good acropetal and laminar translocation. It inhibits the methionine biosynthesis. It exhibits systemic (within 7-10 days) and therapeutic (within 36 hours, if treatment is performed when the first signs of infection appear) effects.

Period of protective effect

Within 7-10 days, depending on the disease stage.

Rate of exposure

2 to 3 hours post-treatment.


Usage regulations



Consumption rates of product, l/ha

 Нормы расхода Consumption rates of working solution, l/ha

Method, time, features of application. Timeframes for the start of manual (mechanized) work,days

Safety interval,days (number of applications)


Grey rot, black rot, rot disease complex of fruits, such as blue-green mold, Rhizopus, Aspergillus
1.7-2.6 up to 1000

Spraying during growing season: 1st spraying, the budding stage till the beginning of flowering; 2nd spraying, before closing the fruits in the clusters; 3rd, at the beginning of the fruits coloring

Apple tree, pear tree
Scab, frosty pod rot, Alternaria leaf mold, powdery mildew, fruit rot 0.65-0.75 800-1000

Spraying twice during growing period: 1st spraying at the "green cone" stage-that is, the end of blooming stage with an interval of 7 to 10 days

Cherry, plum, sweet cherry
Shot-hole disease, cherry leaf spot
0.75-1.3 Spraying during growing season: 1st spraying, at the first signs of the disease; subsequent, with an interval of 7 to 10 days
Monilial blight   0.75-1.3  Spraying during growing season: 1st spraying, before blooming; subsequent, with an interval of 7 to 10 days
Monilial blight    0.75-1.3  Spraying during growing season: 1st spraying, with the occurrence of the first signs of the disease; 2nd, 14 days before harvesting 


Method of application. Procedure for the working liquid preparation

Prepare the working liquid immediately before use.
Fill the sprayer tank about half full with water, and with slow stirring pour in the full dose of the product, rinse the canister with the residual preparation several times with water. Water from rinsing the canister and the remaining amount of water top up to the sprayer tank while stirring. Continue stirring during the application to ensure the working liquid homogeneity.
Prepare the working liquid and refill the sprayer at designated places that are to be deactivated later.
When using tank mixtures of fungicides, prepare the working liquid in accordance with the recommendations for each specific preparation.
Adding other preparations to the concentrated emulsion (stock solution) is not allowed.
For spraying, commercially available ground sprayers are used for the application of fungicides, or remote garden sprayers.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, fungicides are recommended for use in the early disease stages.

Compatibility with other pesticides

Compatible with most insecticides, fungicides. Before large-scale application, it is necessary to test the chemical and biological compatibility with a particular product at recommended doses.


The product is not phytotoxic if used in the recommended consumption rates.

Probability of resistance

Resistance has not been observed if used in the recommended consumption rates and method of application.

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