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ZIM 500, SC

Carbendazim 500 g/l

Systemic fungicide intended to protect cereal crops, sugar beet and other agricultural crops against a wide range of diseases, and to treat seeds of cereal crops.

General information


  • readily producible preparative form;
  • efficient against root rots;
  • systemic action - protects all organs of a plant;
  • preventive, curative and eradicative action;
  • efficient suppression of diseases even after their symptoms are manifested;
  • prevents drowning of cereal crops.

Preparative form

Suspension concentrate containing carbendazim 500 g/l.

Transport and storage conditions

Keep the preparation in a room dedicated for pesticide storage. Storage temperature range - minus 10⁰C to plus 30⁰C.

Shelf life

2 years.

Hazard class

Hazard class 2, high danger.


10 liter PE container.


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Schyolkovo Agrokhim JSC, Russia.


Mechanism of action

The preparation has a protective and curative action. The active ingredient is absorbed by leaves and roots, and moves primarily upwards. It restrains cell division in pathogens. The systemic action makes it possible to protect even parts of sick plants that the preparation does not come in contact with. Thanks to its curative action, the fungicide is efficient against diseases even when the plant already exhibits the symptoms thereof.

Protective period

The preparation has a protective and curative effect; protective period - up to 3 weeks.

Speed of action

3 to 5 hours after treatment.

Spectrum of action

Root and radical rots, oidium, Helminthosporium blight, Cercospora blight, dust-brand, stinking smut, Helminthosporium and Fusarium root rots, seed molding.

Compatibility with other pesticides

Compatible with most pesticides that are generally used on cereal crops. Check for chemical and physical compatibility with a specific preparation in recommended doses before large-scale use.

Potential for resistance

Where recommended doses and preparation application technique are met, resistance is unlikely to occur.

Usage regulations


Harmful object

Consumption rate

Method, time and conditions of application. Application time for manual (machinery assisted) operations

Wait time (application frequency)

Preparation, l/ha

Mix, l/ha

Winter wheat

Root and radical rots, prevention of drowning



Treatment during vegetation period -(3)

35 (1)

Spring and winter wheat

Oidium, Helminthosporium blight


Treatment during vegetation period -(3)

35 (1-2)

Sugar beet

Cercospora blight, oidium


Treatment during vegetation period -(3)


Spring and winter wheat and barley

Dust-brand, stinking smut, radical and root rots, seed molding

1.-1.5 l/t

10 l/t

Treatment of seeds


Application technique. Mix preparation method
Prepare the mix immediately before use. Fill the sprayer tank with water to 1/2, add the full preparation dose, and then top up with remaining water and stir. Stir continuously during planting treatment to ensure mix uniformity.
Prepare the mix and fill the sprayer on dedicated sites that are disinfected afterwards.
Use commercially available ground-based boom sprayers intended for fungicide application.
No phytotoxic effect is recorded when used in recommended doses.
When sage regulations are met, crops demonstrate a relatively high tolerance to the preparation.
Potential for resistance
Where recommended doses and preparation application technique are met, resistance is unlikely to occur.

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