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Prometryn 500 g/L

Soil herbicide for major crop protection programs

General information


  • Strategic approach: weed control at all stages of competition with the crop, starting from the earliest ones

  • The destruction of a wide range of annual weeds, including a number of tough species

  • Long protective period

  • No residual effect on subsequent crops in the crop rotationViable option: one herbicide for use on many crops cultivated on farm


Chemical class

suspension concentrate

Hazard class
hazard class 3, moderately hazardous substance

Guaranteed shelf life
3 years

Storage temperature range
-10 °C tо +35 °С

5 L and 10 L

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia



Mechanism of action
Prometryn inhibits the Hill reaction and suppresses photosynthesis in sensitive weeds, which leads to their death. With the preemergent application, the herbicide destroys the weeds at the time of their germination by absorbing from the soil by roots and sprouts. The product acts on the sprouted weeds through the leaves.

Period of protective effect
30 to 80 days. The duration of the product action depends on soil moisture, weather conditions, and the species composition of weeds.

Rate of exposure
The product effect starts 2-4 days after the emergence of weeds, with their complete death seen in 7 to 12 days.

Action spectrum
Annual dicotyledons and grass weeds

Usage regulations




Harmful plants

Consumption rate


Method, time, features of application. Timeframes for the start of manual (mechanized) work, days


Safety interval, days (number of applications)

Product, l/ha

Working solution, l/ha

Potatoes (except early ripe varieties)

Annual dicotyledons and  grass weeds



Spraying the soil before the crop sprouting


 Carrots (except bunchings) Annual dicotyledons and  grass weeds
 1.5-3.0 200-300
Spraying the soil before sowing, before crop sprouting or sowing at the stage of 1-2 true leaves
 Chickpea Annual dicotyledons and  grass weeds
2.0-3.0  200-300
Spraying the soil before the crop sprouting
 Beans Annual dicotyledons and  grass weeds
2.0-3.0  200-300
 Spraying the soil 2-3 days before the emergence of the crop
 Sunflower Annual dicotyledons and  grass weeds
 2.0-3.5  200-300 Spraying the soil before sowing, concurrent with sowing or before the emergence of the crop
Soybean  Annual dicotyledons and  grass weeds
2.5-3.5  200-300
Spraying the soil before the crop sprouting


Procedure for the working liquid preparation
Prepare the working solution immediately before use. Fill the sprayer tank half full with water, add the full dose of the product slowly with stirring, rinse the canister with the product residue several times with water. Add the flushing water and the remaining amount of water to the sprayer tank with stirring. Continue stirring during the application to ensure the working liquid homogeneity.
Prepare the working solution and refill the sprayer at designated places that are to be deactivated later.
For spraying, commercially available rod sprayers for the application of herbicides are used.

Recommendations for use

  • The maximum herbicidal effect is achieved with sufficient availability of soil moisture and optimum air temperature-that is, 15 °C to 20 °C. Under low humidity (in arid soil conditions), surface working-in of the preparation to a depth of 2-3 cm is recommended.

  • The soil of the arable layer should have a finely waxy structure, the surface of the field being treated should be well leveled.

  • The consumption rate of the product must be selected depending on the mechanical composition of the soil and its potential contamination. On light soils, the minimum recommended limits are applied, on heavy (hyperhumus) soils, rates of application increase up to the highest level. 

  • The herbicide is active against both germinating weeds and those already grown up to 2 true leaves at the time of treatment.

  • After applying the herbicide, do not conduct inter-row cultivations in order not to disturb the "herbicidal screen."

The product is not phytotoxic at the recommended consumption rates and regulations for use.

Probability of resistance
Not reported.

Compatibility with other pesticides
Effective when used alone. If there is a need to use the product in tank mixtures with other pesticides, the components to be mixed should be checked for physical and chemical compatibility.

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