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Cornegi, SE – new!

terbutilazine 250 g/L + 2,4-D acid/ 2-ethylhexyl ether/ 80 g/L + nicosulfuron 30 g/L

A new option for long-term control of a wide range of weeds in maize.

General information


  • Innovative, unparalleled herbicide for maize protection

  • An effective combination of three active ingredients of different classes in an advanced formulation for the best result 

  • Increased herbicidal activity against a wide range of grass and dicotyledonous weeds, including tough ones and species with late germination terms

  • Reinforced soil screen

  • A longer period of culture protection

  • No residual effect on rotation crops


Chemical class
triazines, phenoxyacetic acid derivatives, sulfonylureas

suspension emulsion

Hazard class
hazard class 2, highly hazardous substance

Guaranteed shelf life
2 years

Storage temperature range
-15 °C tо +30 °С

5 L, 10 L canister

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia

Schyolkovo Agrochim, Russia


Mechanism of action
Terbutilazin has a systemic effect. It is absorbed by the roots and leaves of weeds, moves acropetally via the xylem. The substance inhibits electron transport during photosynthesis, which leads to the death of weeds.
2,4-D acid /2-ethylhexyl ether/ as part of the product acts as an auxin-like growth inhibitor. It possesses system activity, easily and quickly, within one hour, penetrates and spreads through all parts of weeds, including roots, and blocks cell growth in young tissues.
Nicosulfuron has a systemic effect, which penetrates mainly through the leaves. It is an inhibitor of the formation of the acetolactate synthase enzyme involved in the synthesis of essential amino acids.
The active ingredients contained on Cornegi, SE, possess different herbicidal activity against dicotyledonous and grass weeds. The pronounced synergism and the additive effect of the herbicide components provide an expanded spectrum of action on the weeds and a longer period of their control in maize.

Period of protective effect
Due to the synergy effect and special formulation, the control of annual and perennial grass and annual dicotyledonous weeds is achieved during the whole vegetative period.

Rate of exposure
Under favorable conditions, the growth of sensitive weeds stops within six hours after spraying. The complete death of weed plants occurs within 7-15 days after treatment.

Action spectrum
Annual and perennial grass weeds, annual dicotyledonous weeds

Usage regulations




Harmful plants

Consumption rate


Method, time, features of application. Timeframes for the start of manual (mechanized) work, days


Safety interval, days (number of applications)

Product, l/ha

Working solution, l/ha


Annual dicotyledons, annual and perennial grass weeds



Spraying the growing crops at the stage of 3 to 5 leaves of the crop.



Procedure for the working liquid preparation
Prepare the working solution immediately before use. Fill the sprayer tank half full with water, add the full dose of the product slowly with stirring, rinse the canister with the product residue several times with water. Add the flushing water and the remaining amount of water to the sprayer tank with stirring. Continue stirring during the application to ensure the working liquid homogeneity.
Prepare the working solution and refill the sprayer at designated places that are to be deactivated later.
For spraying, commercially available rod sprayers for the application of herbicides are used.

Recommendations for use
The best results and the fastest herbicidal action of the product are achieved with:
- Optimal choice of treatment time: at the early stages of the development of the dicotyledonous weeds and at the stage of 3-5 leaves of corn.

The product is not phytotoxic at the recommended consumption rates and regulations for use.

Probability of resistance
None, subject to strict adherence to recommendations for use.

Compatibility with other pesticides
The product is compatible with herbicides used at the same time of maize treatment. However, in each case, the products to be mixed should be checked for compatibility.

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