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Ilion, MD

40 g/l of imazamox + 90 g/l of clopyralid

Herbicide intended to control annual grass and dicotyledonous weeds on imidazolines-resistant rape.

General information


• Selective systemic herbicide adsorbed by leaves and roots;

• Effect in a couple of hours;

• Complete loss of weeds on the 3rd-15th day after treatment;

• Special control of dindle, Canadian thistle, foalfoot, camomile, morgan;

• Maximum effect due to the preparative form (oil dispersion).

Preparative form
Oil dispersion contains 40 g/l of imazamox + 90 g/l of clopyralid

Usage regulations


Harmful object Consumption rates of preparation, l/ha Consumption rates of working liquid, l/ha
Method, treatment time, and application features. Period of manual (mechanized) work
Safety intervals (treatment frequency)

Imidazolines-resistant spring rape

Annual grass and dicotyledonous weeds 0,8-1,2  200-300
Crop spraying at the 2-6 leaves phase.

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