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Diflubenzuron 180 g/L + imidacloprid 45 g/L

Contact enteric and systemic insecticide used to protect apple trees, pear trees, and grapes from gnawing and sucking insects

General information


• Unparalleled insecticide
• Has a potent insecticidal effect due to a combination of two active ingredients that belong to different chemical classes and have different mechanisms of action.
• Pest control at all stages of their development: from egg to imago.
• Long-term protective effect.
• Guaranteed control of pest populations that have developed resistance to the insecticides of other chemical classes.
• An excellent component of anti-resistant garden protection programs.
• Additional effect: beneficial effect on the germ formation

Formulation as

Suspension concentrate contains Diflubenzuron 180 g/L + imidacloprid 45 g/L

Storage conditions

Keep the preparation in a room dedicated for pesticide storage. Temperature range is minus 10⁰C to plus 35⁰C. Stir before use.

Shelf life

3 years.


5, 10 liter PE container


Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.


Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.


Mechanism of action

Diflubenzuron belongs to the class of chitin synthesis inhibitors, blocks its formation, and interferes with the formation of the cuticle during molting. The product has ovicidal and larvicidal contact enteric effects. The active ingredient penetrates the eggshell and prevents larvae hatching or kills the insect larvae of different ages as a result of cuticle rupture during molting. If a larva is treated with the product at the latest age, cuticle formation may be disturbed in the pupa or adult insects. The maximum manifestation of the ovicidal effect is observed when the eggs are laid on the treated plants. Also, the product is able to additionally prevent laying viable eggs by adult insects.
Imidacloprid has a systemic and acute contact enteric effects. It blocks postsynaptic nicotinergic receptors of the nervous system in insects. As a result, the transmission of signals via the pest central nervous system is inhibited, paralysis and convulsions develop, which causes the death of pests. Active ingredient exhibits high residual activity.

Period of protective effect

Not less than 14 days.

Rate of exposure

High rate of toxic effect. The death of imago is observed within 24 hours, larvae die within several days.

Usage regulations


Consumption rates of product, l/ha Consumption rates of working solution, l/ha
Method, time, features of application. Timeframes for the start of manual (mechanized) work, days
Safety interval, days (number of applications)

Apple tree

Apple worm, leafrollers
0.75-1.2 600-1200 
Treatment during growing season:
Apple blossom weevil   600-800

 Treatment in the period of bud detachment

 Pear tree  Pear psylla  600-1200

 Treatment during growing season:

Grapes  European grape moth, brown marmorated stink bug   0.75-1.2 500-1000   Spraying during growing season -(3)

Method of application. Procedure for the working liquid preparation

Prepare the working liquid immediately before use and use it on the day of preparation.
Fill the sprayer tank half full with water, start the stirrer, add the full dose of the product, add the remaining water, and stir. Flush the product canister with water several times and pour the water into the sprayer tank. Mix the entire volume thoroughly.
For spraying, commercially available ground sprayers are used intended for the application of insecticides, or remote garden sprayers.

Compatibility with other pesticides

Compatible with most pesticides. Before large-scale application, it is necessary to test the physical and chemical compatibility with a particular product at recommended doses.


The product is not phytotoxic at the recommended consumption rates.

Probability of resistance

Resistance has not been observed if used in the recommended consumption rates and method of application.


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