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Pheromone preparation for gipsy moth

Catching of gipsy moth males to monitor population growth, identify species distribution boundaries on forest ranges, and optimize protective measures as population increases.

General information

Preparative form:
Dispenser - rubber plug impregnated with the active ingredient (sex pheromone).

Active ingredient:

2-methyl-cis-7,8-epoxy octadecane


5 microgram per dispenser



Harmful object:

gypsy moth

Application timing:

Manual placement of traps during vegetation period before butterfly appearance (June to August), no limitations. Traps to be fixed 1.3-1.5 m above ground. Sticky inserts to be replaced as these get fouled.

Consumption rate:

1 trap/50-100 ha

Set per trap:

Sticky inserts - 8
Dispensers - 1

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