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Gibbera, SL – new!

Gibberellic Acids A4, A7 10 g/L

Hormonal-type growth regulator to promote fruit formation, accelerate the growth and ripen apple fruits in intensive gardening systems.

General information


  • It promotes fruit formation.

  • It enhances growth and morphogenetic processes.

  • It accelerates ripening time.

  • It increases the fruitage.

  • It prevents cracking and discoloration of fruits.

  • It improves saleable condition and increases product quality.


phytohormones, diterpene tetracyclic acids

soluble concentrate

Hazard class
hazard class 3, moderately hazardous substance

Guaranteed shelf life
3 years

Storage temperature range
-15 °C tо +30 °С

5 L, 10 L, 0.5 L, 1 L

Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.

Schelkovo Agrohim, Russia.


Rate of exposure
Within 5-7 days from the treatment time

Usage regulations



Consumption rate

Method, time, features of application. Timeframes for the start of manual (mechanized) work, days

Safety interval, days (number of applications)

Product, l/ha

Working solution, l/ha

Apple tree

Promotion of fruit formation, intensification of growth and morphogenetic processes, acceleration of ripening, increase in yield. Improving the saleable condition, increasing product quality


2.5-5.0 mL per 10 L water (L)


2-5 L per tree (L)


  Spraying the plants: 1st spraying, at the end of the flowering stage; 2nd and 3rd spraying, at an interval of 7-10 days 1(1)



Procedure for the working liquid preparation
Prepare the working solution immediately before use.
The volume of the prepared working solution must correspond to the expected amount of work to eliminate possible residues of the unused solution.
Prepare the working solution immediately before use. Fill the sprayer tank half full with water, add the full dose of the product slowly with stirring, rinse the canister with the product residue several times with water. Add the washing water and the remaining amount of water to the spray tank with stirring.
Prepare the working solution and refill the sprayer at designated places that are to be deactivated later.
Use remote garden sprayers, such as OPV-1200, OP-2000, OVH-28, OZG-400, or equivalent.

Nonphytotoxic in recommended consumption rates.

Probability of resistance
No cases of resistance have been reported.

Compatibility with other pesticides
Compatible with pesticides, including other plant growth regulators, as well as with single-component and multicompound mineral macro- and micronutrient fertilizers. 

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