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Cellulose derivative, auxiliary substances and water

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The tool is designed for use as a glue that prevents cracking of pods of rapeseed, soybean, peas by creating pods on the surface of the polymer membrane.

General information


• Creates a permeable plastic film that does not interfere with natural maturation of the seeds
• Has a long efficiency, resistant to adverse weather conditions (heat, wind, rain, sunlight)
• Contributes to the preservation of the full potential of the crop
• Reduces losses during harvesting and reduces the cost of post-harvest revision
• Biodegradable, has low toxicity to humans and the environment
• Convenient in application, easily soluble in water
• Is not phytotoxic
• Significantly reduces the problems associated with previous rape


The product is an aqueous solution of cellulose derivative, additionally contains auxiliary components. Creates on the surface of the pods of a film which prevents them from cracking. Unlike similar medications Selfi works even in the absence of sunlight, creates on the surface of the fruit permeable membrane preventing the natural ripening and drying of seeds.
Plastic film on the surface of the fruit holds the folds of the pod closed in the process of maturation and drying, prevent the re-infiltration of water (from dew or rain) and shedding.
The optimal timing of treatment is done 2 weeks before harvest (the earliest processing time is 3-4 weeks, but no later than 1 week prior to the scheduled time of harvest).
After treatment of the culture solution Selfi completely dry within 1-3 hours (depending on weather).

Usage regulations


Consumption rates of preparation, l/ha

 Нормы расхода Consumption rates of working liquid, l/ha

Method, treatment time, and application features. Period of manual (mechanized) work

Rape, soybeans, peas





Spraying 10-12 days before harvest

 (A) - aerial treatment

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