Rizoform + Static

Bradyrhizobium japonicum 2-3×109/мл КОЕ, углеводы – 0,5 %, соли – 0,1 %, вода – до 100 мл, рН – 6,5-7,4

Liquid inoculants for soybean seed treatment


  • Unlike similar products, inoculant Rizoform used together with stabilizing/sticky agent Static allows soybean seed inoculation to be performed in advance, 5 to 15 days before sowing.
  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixation provides up to 70% of nitrogen demanded by soybeans.
  • Nitrogen is introduced into the plant as necessary, and maximum consumption is ensured during critical phases of crop development.
  • Biological nitrogen initiates increase of fertility and activation of soil microflora. 
  • Soybean yield increases by 10-30% with additional 200-500 kg of proteins per 1 ha.
  • Favorable effect from soybean seed treatment with Rizoform may be seen in the 3-5 crop rotation cycle with cereal yield growth by 10-15%.