Euralis Semans


  • High early vigour at the initial development stage
  • A low plant with shedding resistance
  • Excellent yield and quality properties

Crop: soybean

Producing region:  Lower Volga (8)

Maturation period: 00, early-maturing.

    The plant of indeterminant type, medium height, from erect to semi-erect, with reddish to brownish pubescence. The lateral leaf is pointed egg-shaped, of medium size, green. The flower is lilac. Light brown colour intensity. The seeds are of medium size, elongated, yellow, the cicatrix is dark brown.  
Grade features
  • Yield in commercial cultivation: 34.2 dt/ha (Dubovitskoye LLC, 2019)
  • Weight per 1,000 seeds: 135-153 g
  • Protein content in seeds: 40.6%, fat content: 23.1%.
  • Lower bean attachment height: 12 cm
  • Plant height: 75.8 cm
Grade resistance
  • lodging and shedding resistance: high  
  • disease resistance: resistant to Sclerotinia disease

Patent holder: Euralis Semans