GNU All-Russian Research Institute of Grain Legume Crops

Crop: buckwheat

Variety: aliata, diploid

Producing regions: Central (3), Central Black Earth (5), North Caucasus (6)

Maturity group:  mid-season-ripening

Vegetation period:  83 to 95 days


  • Average yield: 11.0 dt/ha (Kaluga Region)
  • Maximum yield: 30.9 dt/ha (Orel Region, 2003)
Hybrid morphological properties:

 it has a high evenness (95-99%), and a large kernel yield (90%)

  • kernel: even, large
  • weight per 1,000 kernels: 30-36 g

Grade resistance:

  • resistance to lodging and shedding is high.
  • Value: Valuable for the kernel quality

    Patent holder:  All-Russian Research and Development Institute of Grains, Legume Crops, and Cereal Crops