P. P. Lukyanenko National Grain Centre

Crop:  winter wheat

Variety: Lutescence

Producing region: Central Black Earth (5), North Caucasus (6), Lower Volga (8)

Maturity group: mid-season-ripening

Vegetation period: 223 to 278 days

Yield: 11.0 t/ha (Krasnodar Region)

Hybrid morphological properties:

  • bush type: semi-erect and intermediate
  • spike: pyramidal, loose – of medium density, white, of medium length. Awnlike offshoots at the spike end are short. There is no or very slight pubescence on the terminal segment of the spike axis, on the convex side.
  • weight per 1,000 kernels:33-48 g
  • Grain: red
  • plant height: 85-90 cm
Resistance to disease
  • winter hardness: high
  • to diseases: resistant to powdery mildew, rust Susceptible to stem rust, Septoria blight and Fusarium head blight. It is as susceptible to solid smut as the reference grade is. .
  • lodging resistance: resistant to lodging and shedding
  • valuable wheat grade