A. D. Ivashov's Holding

Crop:  winter wheat

Variety: Erythrospermum

Producing region: Central Black Earth (5), North Caucasus (6)

Maturity group: mid-season-ripening

Vegetation period: 290 to 300

Yield: 11.2 t/ha (Kursk Region) and 10.1 t/ga (Stavropol Region)

Hybrid morphological properties:

  • bush type: intermediate
  • spike: pyramidal, of medium density, w/o wax deposit, of medium length The spike awns are of medium length
  • straw: of medium density, durable
  • weight per 1,000 kernels:42-52 g, grain unit: 770-790 g/l
  • Grain: large, dark red
  • plant height: medium
Resistance to disease
  • disease resistance: at and above reference standard, Moskovskaya 39 Brown rust susceptibility: 10%; septoriose: 15%; powdery mildew: 10%.
  • Valuable wheat by the grain quality