Moskovskaya 40

GNU Agricultural Research Institute of Central Nonblack Soil Belt Regions

Crop:  winter wheat

Variety: Erythrospermum

Producing region: Central (3), Volga and Vyatka (4), Central Black Earth (5)

Maturity group: mid-season-ripening

Vegetation period: 271 to 319

Yield: medium, 3.4 t/ha; maximum, 6.6 t/ha (Kaluga Region, 2009)

Hybrid morphological properties:

  • bush type: erect and intermediate
  • spike: fusiform, white, of medium density. Awns of average length, white
  • weight per 1,000 kernels:37-48 g
  • Grain: red
Resistance to disease
  • winter hardness: above average
  • disease resistance: moderately susceptible to brown rust. Susceptible to Fusarium mold and septoriose.
  • To lodging: resistant
  • strong wheat