GNU All-Russian Research Institute of Grain Legume Crops

Crop: seed peas

The number of internodes before the first blossom cluster: 11-15 The scale leaves are well developed; the spot density is low. The number of flowers per node: two to three The flowers are white. The beans are straight or very slightly curved and have a blunt tip. The seeds are ball-shaped. The seminal lobes are yellow. The cicatrix is black. It is recommended for cultivation in the Republic of Tatarstan

Producing regions: Central (3), Central Black Earth (5), North Caucasus (6), Middle Volga (7), Lower Volga (8)

Maturity group:  mid-season-ripening

Vegetation period:  64 to 85 days

Plant type: : leafless

Plant height: : 44-85 cm

Weight per 1,000 kernels: : 210-276 g

Protein content:  20,9-21,7%


  • National bench tests, medium: 18.9 dt/ha (by 2.8 dt/ha higher than for standard grades) In the Republic of Tatarstan, the grade reached the yield of 39.6 dt/ha, exceeding the reference standard of the Kazanets grade by 7 dt/ha
  • National bench tests, maximum: 56.3 dt/ha (Tatarstan, 2006)

Grade resistance:

  • To drought: is superior to the Kazanets grade by 1 score
  • To shedding: higher than average – high
  • To lodging: high (by 0.5 scores higher than the leafless reference standard
  • To diseases: susceptible to Aschochyta spot and root rots

Patent holder:  All-Russian Research and Development Institute of Grains, Legume Crops, and Cereal Crops