GNU All-Russian Research Institute of Grain Legume Crops

Producing region:  Central Black Earth (5)

Maturation period: early-maturing. Vegetation period: up to 110 days

    The indeterminant development type plant, of medium height (70-90 cm) The main stem pubescence is grey. The leaf is lancet-shaped, the flow is white. The seeds are yellow, the cicatrix is yellow. 
Grade features
  • Medium yield: 20 dt/ha
  • Maximum yield: 35.5 dt/ha (Belgorod Region)
  • In commercial cultivation: 29.3 dt/ha (Dubovitskoye LLC, 2020)
  • Weight per 1,000 seeds: 128 g
  • Protein content in seeds: 36.9%, fat content: 22.9%
  • Lower bean attachment height: 12 cm

Patent holder: All-Russian Research and Development Institute of Grains, Legume Crops, and Cereal Crops