Euralis Semans


·         Quick development at the early vegetation stages

·         Excellent yield potential

·         High protein and oil content

·         Excellent lodging resistance

·         Optimum height of lower bean attachment (reduction in harvesting losses)

Stability and yield in all soils and climatic conditions

Producing region:  North Caucasus (6)

Maturation period: I, 00, from early-maturing to medium-maturing.

    The plant is of semi-determinant type, from erect to semi-erect, with reddish to brownish pubescence, of medium height. The leaf is from medium to large, roundish egg-shaped, the vesiculation is medium, of dark green colour. The flower is lilac. The brown colour intensity of the bean is from light to dark. The seeds are of medium size, yellow/greenish, the cicatrix is yellow.  
Grade features
  • Maximum yield during national bench tests: 30.5 dt/ha (KBR) and 34.5 dt/ha (Ust-Labinsk GSU, Krasnodar Region)
  • Yield in commercial cultivation: 35.9 dt/ha (Ivnyansky Agroholding LLC, 2018)
  • Weight per 1,000 seeds: 160.8 g
  • Protein content in seeds: 38.5%, fat content: 23%.
  • Lower bean attachment height: 12 cm
Grade resistance
  • lodging and shedding resistance: high  
  • disease resistance: highly resistant to Sclerotinia disease

Patent holder: Euralis Semans