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Welcome to Schelkovo Agrohim

The Companys core activity is the production of pesticides for comprehensive protection of main agricultural crops. The product range consists of more than 50 brands and includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed disinfectants, fumigants, rodenticides, desiccants, adjuvants, and pheromones.

Innovation, high quality and efficiency are the advantages of formulations produced by Schelkovo Agrohim.

The high scientific potential and strong production and research base allow bringing to the market innovative plant protection solutions. The Companys scientific experts developed and implemented unique formulations: microemulsions (Scarlet, Tebu 60), solution colloid concentrates (Titul 390, Titul Duo, Zontran, Drotik), oil emulsion concentrates (Betaren Super MD, Forward, Healer). Microemulsions and solution colloid concentrates are based on the the technology of colloid formulations, allowing to develop the dispersion of spray solutions less than 0.1 micron (nano-level). Oil emulsion concentrates contain oil, allowing to improve the product penetration. All developments are aimed at achieving maximum results in the agricultural crops protection (high efficiency of formulations, rapid effect, and long-term protection).

Manufacturing facilities of Schelkovo Agrohim allows producing other formulations such as: emulsifiable concentrates, suspension concentrates, soluble liquid, emulsions, oil in water, water dispersible granules and wettable powders.

In the unit of chemical crop protection products there are 10 production lines, fitted up with the modern equipment, metering devices for raw materials, automated lines for bottling and packaging of products, lines for labeling and packaging, PIABs pneumatic conveyors (Sweden), Meros semiautomatic devices (Italy) for inductive sealing of polyethylene packaging openings. Powder fillers are also installed for packaging of powder products in environmentally friendly water-soluble film.

Manufacturing facilities are equipped with Japanese jet mill allowing to achieve grinding fineness of less than 5 micrometers in the wettable powders production. The facilities are also fitted up with Netzschs equipment (Germany) for production of suspension concentrates, with HOSOKAWAs mechanical mill (Japan) for powder grinding, and with a granulator for production of various granular formulations.

There is also a facility for container production, including multilayer packaging for pesticides, with a production capacity of 2,800 containers per day.

High production quality is ensured by a system of analytical control, i.e. multistage quality control at all stages of manufacturing and acceptance of the finished product. The Company implemented the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, which is an additional guarantee of high quality of the production.

Choosing products of Schelkovo Agrohim, a customer can be sure of their high efficiency. The Company established the Agrochemical Research Centre fitted up with the most up-to-date equipment. The Centre conducts researches in 2 following directions: chemical researches and agrochemical and biological researches.

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