Beretta, OD

oil dispersion

bifenthrin 60 g/L + thiamethoxam 40 g/L + alpha-cypermethrin 30 g/L

Highly effective three-component insecticide, oil formulation, for control of especially harmful pests of grain crops, potato, rapeseed, and sugar beet.


  • A new combination of three active ingredients in a highly effective oil formulation
  •  Strong synergism of active components: toxic effect on various stages of nerve impulse transmission of an insect
  • Several mechanisms of action: systemic, contact enteric, translaminar, and repellent
  • Strong knockdown effect and long-term protection (up to 35 days) even during mass reproduction periods
  • Control of the widest spectrum of the most harmful pests, including diamondback moth, snout beetle, rapeseed beetle, etc.
  • Effective impact on hiding pests and pests living on the back of the leaf
  • Triple toxic effect for the elimination of resistant populations