Plant growth regulator

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trinexapac-ethyl 250 g/L

Plant growth regulator for prevention of lodging of grain crops and better productivity and grain quality.

gibberellic acids A4, A7 10 g/L

Hormonal-type growth regulator to promote fruit formation, accelerate the growth and ripen apple fruits in intensive gardening systems.

ethephon 480 g/l

The preparation is intended for use as a plant growth regulator and retardant on plantings of cereal and other agricultural crops.

4-(indole-3-yl) butyric acid, 5 g/kg

A growth regulator to promote the root formation of cuttings and seedlings of fruit, soft fruit, citrus, flower, and ornamental plants.

6-benzyladenine 20 g/l

Growth regulator of fruit plants (apples, pears) for thinning the ovaries at the early stages of fruit development in intensive gardening systems.

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