Special-purpose products

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Оrganic silicone (modified heptamethyltrisiloxane) – above 80%, auxiliary substances. 

Superwetting agent reducing the surface tension of working solutions. 

A product of mineral origin in the form of suspension

The preparation is intended to protect plants from solar radiation in the farming industry

Cellulose derivative, auxiliary substances and water.

A natural sticky agent; an adjuvant improving the quality of plant treatment with working liquid and enhancing the effect of insecticides and fungicides.

Orthophosphoric acid, acidity indicator, buffer reagents, adjuvant, water.

The preparation is intended to regulate acidity and to improve the quality of water used to prepare working liquids of plant protection products and agrochemicals.

Silicone emulsion.

A highly efficient silicone emulsion defoamer.

mixture of fatty acid methyl esters 842 g/L, excipients

Non-ionogenic adjuvant based on vegetable oil derivatives to improve the biological efficiency of treatment.

Cellulose derivative, auxiliary substances and water

The tool is designed for use as a glue that prevents cracking of pods of rapeseed, soybean, peas by creating pods on the surface of the polymer membrane.

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