Plant protection products


spirodiclofen 250 g/L

Contact-action product of insecticide acaricidal chemical class to combat mites and other pests on apple, grapes, and soybean crops.

bifenthrin 60 g/L + thiamethoxam 40 g/L + alpha-cypermethrin 30 g/L

Highly effective three-component insecticide, oil formulation, for control of especially harmful pests of grain crops, potato, and rapeseed.

thiamethoxam 130 g/L + imidacloprid 90 g/L + fipronil 60 g/L

The first on the market three-component insecticidal seed protectant for grain crops and potato tubers for the best protection of seedlings from soil-inhabiting and surface pests and long-term protection of crops during vegetation without additional spraying.

clethodim 120 g/l

A highly efficient grass-active herbicide intended to control all types of grass weeds on plantings of sugar beet, lupine, soybean, and other crops

terbutilazine 250 g/L + 2,4-D acid/ 2-ethylhexyl ether/ 80 g/L + nicosulfuron 30 g/L

A new option for long-term control of a wide range of weeds in maize.

acetamiprid 100g/L+ alpha-cypermethrin 60g/L

A highly effective insecticide in oil formulation for long-term protection of sugar beet against weevils.

gibberellic acids A4, A7 10 g/L

Hormonal-type growth regulator to promote fruit formation, accelerate the growth and ripen apple fruits in intensive gardening systems.

dithianon 350 g/L

A special-purpose contact fungicide for control of apple scab

thiram 400 g/L + tebuconazole 25 g/L + azoxystrobin 15 g/L

A three-component contact systemic fungicidal protectant with a partial bactericide effect for treatment of seeds of grain crops, soybeans, peas, and sunflower

dimethoate 300 g/L + alfa-cypermethrin 40g/L
Insecticide with acute contact enteric effect for rape protection against pests complex

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