Plant protection products

Acetal PRO, EC

propisochlor 720 g/L 

Selective herbicide for control of annual grasses and some dicotyledonous weeds in crops of sunflower, corn, soybean, sugar beet.
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Action, SC

ethofumesate 500 g/l

Herbicide for controlling annual bilobate and cereal weeds on sugar beet plantings and white lupine
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Akardo, CSC

spirodiclofen 250 g/L

Contact-action product of insecticide acaricidal chemical class to combat mites and other pests on apple, grapes, and soybean crops.
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Argo, ME

fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 80 g/l + mefenpyr-diethyl 30 g/l + clodinafop-propargyl 30 g/l

System herbicide against annual grass weeds in spring and winter wheat crops.
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Azorro, SC

carbendazim 300 g/L + azoxystrobin 100 g/L

Combined fungicide for the protection of cereals from a complex of diseases
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Benazol, WP

benomyl 500 g/kg

Fungicide of systemic action intended to protect cereal crops and sugar beet against a wide range of diseases.
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Benefis, ME

imazalil 50 g/l + metalaxyl 40 g/l + tebuconazole 30 g/l

Fungicidal seed treatment intended for pre-planting treatment of cereal and soybean seeds.
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Benito, CSC

bentazone 300 g/l

Post-emergent herbicide to control annual dicotyledonous weeds in soybean and pea crops.
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Beretta, OD

bifenthrin 60 g/L + thiamethoxam 40 g/L + alpha-cypermethrin 30 g/L

Highly effective three-component insecticide, oil formulation, for control of especially harmful pests of grain crops, potato, and rapeseed.
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Betaren 22, OEC

phenmedipham 110 g/l + desmediphan 110 g/l

Postemergence herbicide for controlling annual bilobate weeds, including amaranth, on sugar beet plantings.
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