Betaren Super MD, OEC

oil emulsion concentrate

ethofumesate 126 g/l + phenmedipham 63 g/l + desmediphan 21 g/l

Postemergence herbicide to control annual bilobate weeds, including amaranth, catch weed bedstraw, common chickweed, dish mustard, much weed, knotweed as well as some annual cereals - barnyard grass and green foxtail on the beet crops.


  • Highly effective at reduced concentration of the active ingredient due to innovative formulation OEC;
  • Particles of the active ingredient in oil emulsion are at a fine state, thus providing highest stability and homogeneity of the sprayed solution, which promotes deep penetration of the preparation;
  • Does not have phytotoxic action on the crop that raises the level of crop yield;
  • Highly effective against annual bilobate and some cereal weeds at their early stages of development;
  • Highly compatible as part of prepared mixtures with other herbicides to enhance the spectrum of action;
  • Presence of ethofumesate penetrating through leaves and roots ensures a long-term beet protection from weeds.