Ilion, OD

oil dispersion

imazamox 40 g/l+ clopyralid 90 g/l

Innovative herbicide intended to control grass and dicotyledonous weeds on imidazolines-resistant rape/


  • Maximum extended spectrum of action for grass and dicotyledonous weeds due to the effective combination of two active ingredients and unique oil formulation
  • Control of hard-to-control and offset weeds such as sow thistle, plume thistle, amaranth, black bindweed, etc.
  • Unconstrained penetration even through the waxy layer of cuticle and fast delivery of active ingredients to all growing points of weeds
  • Eradication of weeds with their root systems, including buds of renewal and root sprouts
  • Containment of new waves of weeds (with sufficient soil moisture)