soluble concentrate, soluble liquid

benzoic acid 300 g/l

Fungicide with an exceptional physiological effect that prevents mass losses of sugar beetroot crops and potato tubers from decay at the storage facilities and in the field.


Sugar beet vegetation:
  • Prevents the spread and development of fungal and bacterial infections in crops and on the roots
  • Stops the development of decay processes in the field and contributes to the drying of the damaged areas of root crops
  • Increases the sugar accumulation in root crops by activating the outflow of assimilates from leaves
  • Helps to obtain healthy root crops with excellent storability in piles
During storage:
  • Effective and environmentally safe way to protect sugar beetroot crops and potato tubers from storage decay
  • Long-term protective period of 90–120 days
  • Reduction of rot mass and reduction of losses in root crops and tubers during storage