Depozit, ME


fludioxonil 40 g/L + imazalil 40 g/L + metalaxyl 30 g/L

Fungicidal seed treatments intended for preseeding processing of soya, pea, chick pea seeds, and potato tubers during or before planting


  • Has a potent fungicidal effect against a complex of diseases due to a combination of three active ingredients that belong to different chemical classes and have different mechanisms of action.
  • An ingredient of fludioxonil belongs to the chemical class of phenylpyrroles with a special, fundamentally different mechanism of action against pathogens, which enhances the product efficacy.
  • The microemulsion formulation provides the maximum penetration of active ingredients into the seed.
  • Due to the systemic action, the product is effective against superficial and internal seed infections, as well as a number of pathogens that damage plants in a later period of vegetation.
  • The fungicidal effect occurs immediately after treatment.
  • Promotes an active start and stimulates the formation of a thick root system.
  • Has no retardant effect.