Zinger, WP

wettable powder

metsulfuron-methyl 600 g/kg

Selective herbicide of systemic effect intended for postemergence treatment of spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley, oats, and common flax to control annual bilobate weeds, including 2,4-D and 2M-4X resistant weeds, and some perennial bilobate weeds, undesired annual and perennial bilobate and cereal weeds and Sosnovsky cow-parsnip on non-agricultural lands.


  • Wide range of action - inhibition of nearly all annual bilobate weeds and some perennial bilobate weeds;
  • Low consumption rate of the preparation;
  • Low cost of treatment rate per hectare;
  • High flexibility in terms of application timing;
  • Convenient packing - water-soluble bags;
  • Moderate toxicity to mammals, virtually harmless to bees;
  • Bio-efficiency of the preparation virtually does not depend on weather conditions.