Schelkovo Agrohim JSC

Crop: soybean

Producing region: ongoing testing

Maturation period: short-season.

Indeterminant plant, medium height (up to 90 cm), erect, with reddish to brownish pubescence. Violet flowers. Seeds of medium size (140–160 g), yellow, with yellow cicatrix.

Grade features 
  • Vegetation period: 95-100 days
  • Yield : 43.2 dt/ha (Orel Region)
  • Weight per 1,000 seeds: 140-160 g
  • Protein content in seeds: 38%, fat content: 19%.
  • Lower bean attachment height: 12 cm
Grade resistance
  • To lodging: high 
  • disease resistance: resistant to Fusarium, Ascochyta blight, downy mildew and bacterial spot  

Patent holder: Schelkovo Agrohim JSC