RNIUP Institute of Agriculture and Selection under Belarus National Academy of Sciences

Crop:  Spring wheat

Variety: Lutescence

Producing region: North Western (2), Central (3), Central Black Earth (5)

Maturity group: mid-season-ripening

Vegetation period: 85 to 95 days, it matures simultaneously with the Prokhorovka reference standards Lada

Yield: 72.6 dt/ha (Lipetsk Region)

Hybrid morphological properties:

  • bush type: erect and semi-erect
  • Straw: slightly filled The wax deposit is very heavy on the upper internode of the straw, and it is also heavy on the flag leaf sheath and lamina 
  • spike: pyramidal, of medium density
  • weight per 1,000 kernels: 33-38 g
Resistance to disease
  • moderately susceptible to Septoria blight, susceptible to brown rust, loose and solid smut, moderately susceptible to powdery mildew
  • • lodging resistance: exceeds the reference standards by 0.6 scores to 1.0 scores
  • valuable wheat for its bakeability