Dubovitsky Emerald

Schelkovo Agrohim JSC

Crop:  winter wheat

Variety: Lutescence

Maturity group: mid-season-ripening

Vegetation period: 304 to 310 days It matures within the period close to that for Moskovskaya 39.

Yield: medium in production seeds, at 72.8 (above the reference standard of the Moskovskaya 39 grade by 12.0 dt/ha)

Hybrid morphological properties:

  • bush type: erect
  • spike: no-awn, rectangular, in wet years, clavate, dense, white
  • leaf: bright emerald, without pubescence and wax deposit
  • weight per 1,000 kernels:37 g to 43 g, grain unit: 775 g/l
  • Grain: red
  • plant height: 95 to 98 cm
Resistance to disease
  • winter hardness: high, above standard
  • Drought resistance: high
  • disease resistance: resistant to Fusarium mold, susceptible to Septoria blight, and has more than standard susceptibility to brown rust
  • lodging resistance: slightly above the reference standard
  • High baking quality