Domestic hybrids


Hybrid resistant to imidazolinones
High productivity potential in various cultivation conditions, has a well-developed powerful root system and a strong stem, and is very resistant to lodging. Good self-pollinator. Optimal crop density is 55–60 thousand/ha.
The hybrid is resistant to Broomrape races A to E.  

Producing regions: North Caucasus (6), Lower Volga (8)

Maturation period: 105–108 days, middle-early

Stem height: 170–180 cm, above average

Yield potential: above 47 cwt/ha

Oil content: 49.5–52.0%

Hybrid resistance

To lodging: very resistant
To drought: high resistance
Stress resistance: high
To diseases: tolerant to Sclerotinia and Botrytis, highly resistant to downy mildew