Rizoform Peas

Rhizobium leguminosarum D70 2-3×109 КОЕ/мл, углеводы – 0,5 %, соли – 0,1 %, вода – до 100 мл, рН – 6,5-7,4

Liquid inoculants for peas, vetch, beans, lentils seeds treatment


  • The possibility of inoculation of pea, vetch, bean, and lentil seeds in advance of sowing (15 days before sowing)
  • Savings of mineral fertilizers due to symbiotic nitrogen fixation providing up to 70–80% of nitrogen required for the plants
  • Nitrogen flow into the plant as necessary and its maximum provision in the critical crop development phases
  • Increased fertility and activation of soil microflora due to biological nitrogen
  • Increased productivity of pea, vetch, beans, and lentils, increased protein content in the crop
  • Positive impact on the crops in crop rotation