Forward, OEC

oil emulsion concentrate

quizalofop-P-ethyl 60 g/l

Postemergence herbicide intended to control annual and perennial cereal weeds on plantings of sugar beet, soybeans, rape, sunflower, common flax, oilseed flax, pea, and chickpea.


  • Highly effective at reduced concentration of the active ingredient due to innovative formulation OEC;
  • Particles of the active ingredient in oil emulsion are at a fine state, thus providing highest stability and homogeneity of the sprayed solution, which promotes deep penetration of the preparation;
  • Efficient against most malicious cereal weeds - quack grass, oat grass, barnyard grass, blue couch grass, etc.;
  • Exterminates weeds together with their root system;
  • Compatibility with other preparations in mixes;
  • Treatment regardless of crop growth phase;
  • No crop rotation limitations.