Izocin BFK, EO

emulsion in oil

brodifacoum 2 g/l

A rodenticide intended for the preparation of poisoned food bait used to combat various types of rodents on plantings of all crops of open and protected soil, including winter crops, perennial grasses, greenlands, pastures, trees, and bushes, in premises of various purposes and adjacent areas.


  • A coumarin anticoagulant.
  • Pestilent for rodents, even with a single bait ingestion.
  • It destroys all types of rodents, including populations that are resistant to other anticoagulant rodenticides.
  • It has pronounced cumulative properties and skin resorptive effect.
  • Convenient for making bait.
  • Due to the oil-based formulation, an even distribution of the active substance in the bait base is achieved.